America’s sexual assault confusion

On May 1st of 2014, The US Department of Education’s released a list of higher education institutions being investigated for Title IX sexual violence violations.

Catherine E. Lhamon, the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, expressed hope that the list (which included The University of Denver) would engender transparency in the Office for Civil Rights’ investigations and “spur community dialogue about [the] important issue.” The investigations made sure that schools receiving federal funding adhered to the standards set by Title IX regulations.

The announcement came shortly after President Obama issued a 20 page report urging schools to take steps against sexual violence.

These official actions are part of a larger movement taking place to end sexual assault in America’s schools. This campaign has been largely led by individual women who brought suits against their respective schools, like Annie Clark and Andrea Pino who now have a documentary on the subject.

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Sports events happening in your area! The stuff you want to see but don’t know exist.

Scores of Golfers after their 1st round (Photo Taken by Tony Macaluso)

Scores of Golfers after their 1st round (Photo Taken by Tony Macaluso)

July 13th was the Sectional Qualifier for the U.S. Amateur Golf Tournament, that will be held in Chicago on

August 19th -22nd, 2015. The event was hosted at Columbine Country Club in Littleton, Colorado. Though Columbine boasts a 40,000-square-foot clubhouse, a beautiful yet challenging 7,361-yard course, and was the home of the 1967 PGA Championship, it is a standard 18-hole course with par at 72 strokes. 70 young men aged 18-25 competed in today’s games. The entry fee for the tournament was $150, and players could chose to pay extra for a caddy if they so pleased. Continue reading

Discrimination to break gender dominated industries

There are still professions that are dominated by one gender, like pilots or CEO’s by men or social worker by women. Nevertheless, we speak from a society with equal opportunities.
The women fought over the 21st century for their rights. For their rights to vote and being treated equally. In the so called western world, overall one says that this goal is achieved. But is it? If one looks up the statistics provided by different countries one find the same industries dominated by men or by women, although men are dominating more professions.
After High School one starts to make up his or her way into a profession by deciding a major at university. But the number of female students has pulled ahead, the issue lies within the choice of the subject. The STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields are known for this.

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Are you aware of the troubles lurking in your neighborhood? Burglary count rises in Denver Metro area!

Are your garages and sheds locked properly?

Are your garages and sheds locked properly? (Photo Taken by Tony Macaluso)

Students and Faculty of the University of Denver and homeowners/renters near by are experiencing a high number of burglaries in comparison to previous years. Homeowners are getting their garages broken into and students and faculty are having to worry about their parked cars while they are in class. There is no doubt that burglary is a terrible issue and it is interesting to see how the people of the DU community feel regarding this issue. Continue reading

New bomb detection technology to counteract rise in threats across America


Photo taken by Brielle Durant

New and improved bomb detection technology is constantly in the works, especially in light of recent threats that our society has faced.

I had the opportunity to speak with Mike Ellenbogen, a security and imaging industry veteran who previously was co-founder and CEO for a development of bomb detection technology company, and is now currently heading his own company.

His involvement in detecting threats like explosives goes back about 20 years now. He has been involved with companies who do things such as bag exceptions and x-ray technologies since 1994. He started a company called Reveal Imaging in 2002, where they “made systems that were used to screen checked baggage going into the belly of the plane,” said Ellenbogen.

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You’re getting warmer

Artist Banksy, London, UK

Artist Banksy, London, UK

Climate change is a pervasive issue in our society, and the term has been passed around so often, it is difficult sometimes to understand the immediacy and the effect of this issue. “I feel like that term has been passed around so often in politics that the actual issue has been cast aside,” says Stacy, mother in Mountain View, CA. “The actuality of these issues have been ignored as politics have made it a game, rather than finding a solution.”

According to a 2012 World Bank report, we are already “on track for a four­degree Celsius warmer world,” and “there is no certainty that adaptation to a four­degree Celsius world is possible.” This means that we have no understanding as to how this environmental change would effect not only the melting ice caps in which media tends to focus, but on the environmental balance in which our world relies on. This includes the basics of lands, which would flood or dry, which would influence the vegetation and it’s ability to grow, which would in turn affect the animals that require said vegetation to thrive.

Though the ultimate and more general goal would be to reduce the human environmental impact, the pressing issue of global warming is not being addressed as seriously as it needs to be. So, what obstacle stands as the hindrance to creating a social and political climate in which this change is even possible?

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Recent reports of security threats keep University of Denver students on high alert

University of Denver has recently cleared 2 reports of gunman threats on campus. Even though Campus Safety has declared these threats to be officially safe, DU students throughout campus still feel in danger.

On Thursday afternoon, May 7, 2015, DU Spokesman Will Jones received a call in a “computer-generated voice” around 3:30 pm. The computer-generated voice warned that there was a man dressed in all black and carrying an assault weapon with intentions to harm his girlfriend.

It later became uncovered that police investigators believed the calls were a possible case of swatting – a prank which involved video game players making false reports as jokes on one another.

According to The Denver Post,, “The call’s computer-generated voice and threat toward a girlfriend are similar to swatting episodes at other campuses.” These swatting calls have been a reoccurring nuisance for local college campuses.

There was a second call on Thursday afternoon regarding the same individual wearing black attire and carrying an assault weapon. It turned out the gun was a hockey stick.

Even though these cases were investigated to the fullest and found to be benign, students still feel as if they are not fully safe on campus anymore. Senior student Anna Willis states, “I refuse to walk alone at night on campus. I constantly feel as if I’m being followed and it makes it hard to even be on campus at night anymore.”

Campus Safety does a good job of sending out tweets and texts regarding suspicious behavior, but they always come after a threatening incident has already happened. Two-year Officer Bailey states, “The students’ safety is our main concern, it is disheartening when attacks on students happen and we can’t do anything about it until after the event has taken place.”

It seems as though Campus Safety is unsure of how to move forward with protecting our campus, Bailey states, “We do our best to protect everyone, but obviously we can’t be in every alley protecting every single person at all times. Sometimes all we can do is wait for the call.”

A recent report of car theft was logged on July 5, 2015. Exterior car parts were reported to be stolen in parking Lot C on campus. Junior Brooke Boothe comments on the report, “I have a parking permit for that lot. Don’t they have cameras or something? It seems a little stupid that we pay so much to go to DU but they can’t even put up security cameras.”

Bailey reports, “We’re working on getting cameras but it’s not always easy trying to appeal something so expensive to the board.” When told about the car theft in the parking lot Willis responded with, “I don’t get it. Why do people keep committing these crimes all over campus? And why isn’t Campo doing anything about it?”

According to DU’s Campus Safety website,, assaults and criminal reports occur nearly every other day and sometimes even multiple days in a row.

The infamous University of Denver campus groper continues to raise some serious concerns. Numerous accounts of Campus Security Alerts in regards to a groper who accosts female students who walk alone. A specific alert from The Denver Channel says, “He grabbed her arm, and then forcibly fondled her groin.”

Boothe states, “I never feel safe walking home alone. Whether it’s during the day or at night. It’s very scary but it’s nice to receive the alerts from Campus Safety.” Students seem to be unaware of the Campus Safety Escort Program. Willis says, “I’ve never heard of that but it sounds good.”

The Campus Safety Escort Program is a program for students who don’t want to walk alone to and from classes so they have the option of having a safety escort by calling 303-871-2334. Students are also unaware that DU offers a 90-minute self-defense class.

Boothe says, “That’s all news to me. If I would’ve known I would’ve taken advantage of those opportunities sooner. It might help if Campus Safety would spread the word about that a little better and maybe our campus will be safer.”

In hopes of improving campus safety, Bailey has hopes of making a paper survey for students consisting of three questions: “How do you think Campus Safety could improve security on campus? Would you feel as if your privacy is being invaded if we put up security cameras around campus? Have you been to our 90-minute self-defense class?”

With countless attempts at protecting the University of Denver campus, Campus Safety continues to do their best to protect the students, but it seems as if their best fails to make students feels completely safe on their own campus.